Sunday, 28 December 2008

Ho Ho Ho

Belated Merry Christmas everyone.

As my last post says I've been a wee bit ill over the last few weeks and as a result no running got done therefore nothing of much interest to post. Having a kidney infection, shingles and tonsillitis all at the onetime isn't too clever.

In the past few weeks a few cool things have happened.
I think there may have been a wee drop of bevvy involved at a committee meeting one night coz somehow I got elected as the newest President of Strathaven Striders. I have since had a couple of official duties and thoroughly enjoyed it. My First Lady has been in attendance for all of them so far, I'm not sure how sustainable that will be.

The first event was the children's Santa Run on the 20th of Dec. This involves a bunch of local kids chasing Rudolph around the park. Rudolph was a little concerned as a few years ago he was nearly caught by an 11 year old boy!!

The following day brought the Strathaven Striders Christmas Handicap 5km. A couple of invited guests and an international star gatecrashed the proceedings which saw the Jackson 5, Marylin Monroe and the most realistic pirate EVER trot round the town. It was great to see the First Lady and WHW Runner rise to the challenge. The local K9 population are obviously very territorial and decided that the interloper needed sorting out....

The after party at Mr & Mrs Wilsons house was a bit of a messy affair the resulting video can be seen here.
So Christmas has come and gone. 2009 is fast approaching. I took the chance to christen my new Brasher shoes yesterday and stretched my legs on the Specs run. It was such a beautiful day it was a shame to waste it. My body needed a kick start I hope it noticed that I tried.
I'm hoping for a gentle start to the year and that Tony T hasn't planned too tough a training programme. Oh! I don't think I've mentioned on here that in June I have a bit of work to do..... Exactly one week before WHWR myself, my Maw, Anne T and her mate are having a bash at the Caley Challenge........ Don't shout at me, Race Princess has already chastised me, but I have spoken to the gaffer and he has given me permission.
And finally, My Da.
He is doing pretty well at the mo, his spirits are high. Mainly due to the high level of spirits he's consumed. I seem to be getting all the blame for it at the moment, an evening with the Subversive Runner had nothing to do with it, not!
Back to hospital tomorrow for his 3rd post op chemo. He is hoping to be home for the Bells, but hey ho, no matter what I'll be there with him.
All the best to you all,
Here's tae us,
Mrs Mac xox

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Run With the Wind 2009

Just a quick post coz I've been put under pressure.
More pictures that words at the mo, but for some readers of this forum that's normal form......
Fantastic event again this year. Credit where its due...... mainly to my 11 year old daughter who is fast turning into a top event co-coordinator. She received praise from all corners, her talents are not confined to dishing out baked potatoes on WHW Saturday.
Ah...... then there is our good friend Dario who made an appearance, not one he will forget in a hurry. I know most of you crazy people wouldn't get out of bed for a measly 10km but my oh my it was a blast. The after party is worth it in its own right.

The start at Ardoch Rig. Wind Farm. Chris Moon starts the race.

about 1.5km in. My Maw and Da'
Dario the Dare Devil. The space hopper in question.

this is the queue for SOUP.
Not much of a post I know, but I'm a little tired and emotional.
More to follow......
Mrs Mac xxx

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Do NOT look under the bed!!!

I'm killing time trying to avoid the inevitable.
The time of year is here where children's rooms need to be cleared of the old years rubbish to make room for what ever rubbish the ask for for Christmas.
I am numbing the pain by treating myself to a SMALL glass of Wolf Blass Yellow Label Cab Sauv.
It is a small glass and I'm not drinking it as if I'm about to die.

The reason for the anesthetic is the fact that I have a 14 and a half year old son and much as I've tried to encourage, (read, bully) him to complete the task on his own he has resisted and I can wait no longer. I had a quick look this morning and after I tripped over his electric guitar, stubbed my toe on the amp and waded my way through a waist deep pile of Kerrang magazines I decided the time had come.....

This must have freaked him out as he has emptied some drawers into a bin bag, but that's as far as he got before disappearing with his mates. I was advised this week to do myself and him a favour and avoid looking under the bed. I'll need to remember that. I have no desire to see what a 14.5 year old stores there. Homework it is not!!

I was also parents night tonight. For the 11 year old daughter. Usual mix of Maths, good. English, good. A little chatty at times but THE look normally puts a stop to it. I nearly ended my self laughing..... I know THAT look, I wear glasses and use it all the time. Tilt the head forward and stare over the top of them... works every time!! Shes off to stay with her Dad tonight, mmmm, maybe I should have tackled her room. No nasties in there, but glitter everywhere. Shes her mothers daughter.

Got some good news tonight. Your friend and mine, the race director managed to secure a job with the aid of my ample knowledge....well maybe not. But it is good news and I am very pleased for him. Well done gaffer.

My Da'. If you read the last post you'll know he went back to hospital yesterday and underwent some tests to check his kidneys before the next round of chemo. The last lot gubbed him good and proper. Resulting in acute kidney failure. Anyway, tests were positive and he is able to receive 1st line chemo, which means the most effective chemo for his type of cancer. More good news is the surgery was pretty good and there is no evidence of cancerous cells in the margins of the tissue. Technical talk, but I'm told its all good! The rubbish bit it that coz they are going in softly softly its gonna take longer, until May 09 at least. My life is going to be ruled by three week cycles from now on.
Luv, Mrs Mac x

Monday, 10 November 2008

An unopened bag of Kettle Chips....

Another post about running.

Don't be scared readers I've not lost my marbles, I have not become a "runner" I am still most definitely just "someone who runs"

I was given a couple of options; a route full of hills, or a flat route round a beautiful park. Now I know some of you are shouting at the screen...."hills hills hills" but come on it's Mrs Mac here. I subscribe to the Irene Wilson school of running and her first words to me were walk the bloody hills. Now if it works for Mrs W then it'll work for me!

I learned something this weekend.... don't drink tea, however expensive, right before a run.... it makes you feel sick. I only drank the bloody stuff coz the rain started bucketing down as we arrived at the park.
Anyway a slack 7.1 miles round Richmond Park.... I cant believe I passed on a 10k and ended up doing this. Imagine a huge wide open space, with beautiful trees all the colours of autumn, people on bikes, kids on scooters and other crazy people mainly running the opposite direction all of this in the centre of Lahndan!!(said with a fake cockney accent) After the sick feeling passed I really enjoyed it. Not much chatter going on, more quiet contemplation. Far removed from my usual running companions who giggle more than run. My excellent guide stopped to point out green parakeets, the building where ALL the poppies are made, apart from the white ones, and glanced in the general direction of where Mick Jagger lives. (Edit:- turns out the Subversive Runner is not as clever as he thinks he is...... OUR Scottish poppies are made here in Scotland at the Lady Haig poppy factory in Embra.)

I saw a deer, and as I slowed(even more) as to not disturb it my guide pipes up "if we don't see any at least we've seen one"??!!?? WTF ,this is an educated man we're talking about, doh!

As the end approached I got a call from my Ma. She, my faither, aunt & uncle had hightailed off to Aviemore for the weekend. She announced it was SNOWING!! I'm a bit of a fan of the white stuff, she reckoned I'd love it up there. This is true, but there is nowhere else I'd rather have been. The day was rounded off with a roast chicken dinner, an unopened bag of kettle chips and a lesson in how to drink vino calapso.....responsibly!!

Ps, my Da is pretty good this week. He is back at the Beatson on Wednesday for the next phase of this cancer treatment. More chemo... yuk. He only just started shaving again after 6 weeks! now its gonna all fall out again!

Mrs Mac

Sunday, 2 November 2008

No RAC required.......

A whole post about running!!
Today was the most beautiful day. Other than spend it on a west coast beach with those I love there was only one other thing to do…. Get out there and run.
That’s exactly what I did. Kids were with their Dad; dog was still in bed after a heavy night barking at fireworks. So it was me on my own with Paolo in my ears for company. Following a transport update to calm my nerves I jumped in to my runners and skipped out the door. I am lucky enough to stay in a very cute wee town with rolling countryside in every direction. I took a risk that the cows would be absent from the field and set out to do the Spectacle E’e Falls route. Not the scary fanged cows that Karen D is familiar with but I don’t DO cows, regardless.Anyway I'm not gonna say too much, I took loads of photies and a wee video I hope they do it justice.

Doh!! Eh, this'll be the way then.....

Looking towards Stonehouse.

The River Avon

Looking back across the bridge towards Strathaven.

Looking back towards Strathaven.

Not the best quality but it was nice being there.....

Pictures are not up to Sarah Ridgways standard but I had to try.

Don't worry the usual rubbish will return shortly don't think I've gone all sensible and serious about this running nonsense, coz I aint!!

I have no idea how far I ran and no real clue how long it took, maybe an hour and 45 mins.... pretty long for me. Debs mentioned before about being called "one pace Debs" well that's me! I really will need to try and sort that out...... That quote might be a lot of rubbish but I've got someone in my ear telling me to post it even if its not true. Answers on a postcard with guesses...

see ya LMx

Sunday, 26 October 2008

A little bit of drizzle....

Good evening from a rather rain lashed, wind swept not so sunny Stratheven.

Well, It seems a few people read the tile of my last post and got a little mixed up. You were supposed to do something that scared YOU!! not for you to scare ME!!

So I get a text last night telling me about the nightmare on the OMM telling me about some WHW family members who are there. Scary stuff. Cut to this morning and I get a text from my Ma asking if I've heard from Rosie Bell, whw'er, strathaven strider, and bloody good friend. She and Tony Thistlewhaite are both doing OMM and I knew nothing about it !!! Holy crap. A frantic frenzy triyng to google OMM, news of OMM etc to no avail.

Sometime later I'm informed that Rosie and Tony are safely back in Strathaven via a hospital in the Lake district and Hairmyres hosp too. Rosie being the skelf of a girl that she is got blown away by the light breeze which was gusting and only saved from being washed away in a torrent by her hero Tony T. Rosie now has a fractured wrist to reminder her of her weekend away to the Lakes. Same time next year guys?

As could be expected my Da' scared me this week. Not for the reason you may think. Mainly due to the fact that following his epic 8 hour surgery to remove the monkey from his back he has looked and indeed been fantastic. A little bit sore, but on top form. It was my Maw and Da's anniversary on Monday and 4 days post op we took the party to him. NA wine, munchies etc, you know the form. All good. A surprise visit from an old friend, Paul Jenkins, a guy my Da' taught Karate to from the age of nine. In he comes and promptly hugs my Da' putting his arm round his shoulders..... eeeeekkkkk DONT TOUCH HIS SHOULDER as my Da' tries to slink under the blankets. He has not to move an inch for the next 6 weeks as the muscles "knit" around what bone is left in his arm. Anyway, not much sympathy from Paul, a big burly bouncer type, more stories of the good ol' days of Karate competitions all over the UK. Good times.

I also got a bit scared this week when my sat nav sent me up a road that was closed, in a city I had never driven in and I had to be somewhere at a particular time. Cut to a one sided telephone call of " where are you", "what can you see", "where are you near" to be met with the reply....."a dunno" All's well that ends well.

I did learn something this week. Think about a question before you ask it. You never know, you might be able to answer it yourself. Or at the very least save yourself a ribbing for the next 6 months....


Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Do something that scares you......

So, I've said before that to be a marshall or whatever there is no real need for actual running but I do try sometimes. Just to stave off the madness you understand.

This week though has been a bit rubbish and its only Tuesday.

Friday was a bit of a crazy night with the Dream Team so Saturday running was binned. Replaced by some gentle retail therapy with my Maw and Aunite, swiftly followed by a couple of Baillies for medicinal purposes.

My little girl wanted her wee cousin to sleep over so the morning of my first anti-versary I wakened up to this wee face.

I decided that as it was such a strange day I would take the dog for a run. As I had the kids it had to be something that included them. So off to the local park which has a mile loop around the perimeter. A whole 3.5 miles later I had to jack it in!! The dog kept running off to play with the kids or random folk with prams taking up the whole track. It wasn't to be, but at least I tried. The rest of the day was some more strangeness. I spent the evening downloading videos from my phone. Its amazing what you find on there.

My daughter is a feisty wee 11 year old. She was the little blond girl dishing out the baked potatoes and coffee at Auchtertyre (whw checkpoint) this year. Feisty and gobby but not very confident. So I have come up with a plan. We have a deal that we need to do something that scares us whenever we can. So when we were up in Aviemore a few weeks ago we gave it a good go.

Crazy girl. She makes me laugh

This is the Landmark Centre at Carrbridge. We were here last year at Easter. She and her brother made it to the top but were not very happy about it. Different kettle of fish this time!!

Just a quick update about my Da. He is going in tomorrow and his op is on Thursday. We are all going around like headless chooks right now. If you pray: pray hard. If you meditate: send positive thoughts our way. If you don't do any of that keep us in your thoughts, it gives me/us strength.

PS, did you see that wee skinny Eton guy on LMS? he's got nae chance!!

Mrs Mac xxx

Thursday, 9 October 2008

All well the ends well.

It's been a while but I'm back.

There's lots been happening in the madness of the Mac household.

I couldn't decide whether to go for multiple posts a la Tomo or all in a oner a la Mike Mason UTMB.

So.... are you sitting comfortably? I would go for a quick pee and get a glass of something before you sit down, this might take a while....

Anyway, RAW: the final chapter. I have a new best friend in the form of one lady race organiser. I must have stated my case with enough gusto that she relented and allowed me to attend the presentation. Either that she was feirt if she didn't I would continue to stalk her and she would need to take out a restraining order. Made it just in time for Pirate Boy to receive a medal and certificate and no mention of a 30 mile marker. All runners and walkers received their awards not from the "wummin wi chains roon her neck" but a bloke this time. I wonder if they share the chains or if they have a set each. Do you think the sit at home in the evening and compare chains? mmmmmm I wonder.

The following day a trip to Sunny Prestwick was in order to return some DVD or other to DQ's maw, lovely lady, very hospitable giving up her house like that to a bunch of random vagabonds.

Rather windy affair but beautiful none the less. There is something about the sea when it's crashing against the pier walls and spraying water everywhere.

September weekend : galavanting off to Aviemore wi the weans +1 -2 for a nice jolly. Not the best start when my Da landed up in the hospital the day before we left. Weather was changeable but gorg at night time, how flamming big is the sky. Orion was in top form.

No running, apart from a wee jog into town, but lots of walking. The dog loved it. Sitting on a rock looking across to Cairngorm bathed in sunshine divine.

Good running on the Monday and Wed sessions, good banter wi the girls, talking utter rubbish as usual!!

Its October, how the hell did that happen. I was only WHW weekend a couple of weeks ago.....

So its off to rural Perthshire. Me and my mate Scanners for an outward bound weekend with 11 of our staff. OMG 2 girls, an old guy and 8 testosterone fuelled 18-21 year old boys (and they ARE boys regardless of what they think!!) An afternoon of team building exercises saw Scanners and I become the butt of many a practical joke. Great dinner and a DVD. Pleads of please can we go to the pub, its only a mile away fell on deaf ears. Scanners told me to beat it I'd need to manage for one night without a liquid refreshment. The troops were disappointed in me for not pulling that one off I think!

They seemed to manage fine though. Playing at chases at 2am around the landings did not make them most popular with Scanners or me. We took revenge at 7.45am by playing Clubland classics at full blast!!! sweet revenge. A great morning of mountain biking with a superb guide, everyone had a blast. It was great to hear the guys reaction to being is such beautiful surroundings. If the rest of the Cateran is anywhere near as nice as the section I saw its gonna be a memorable race May 09.

Its been a bit rubbish here too. It's not all good for Mrs Mac.
I have had a few requests for updates on my Da, so here goes.

He came through the first cycle of chemo pretty well. Was feeling ok and was quite upbeat. Fast forward 4 or 5 days and he's got a dose of the trotts and the pukes. Puts it down to chemo. Next day more of the same. My Bro chibs him and gets a drip up and fluids iv. 1st bit of good fortune, if it wasn't for the family business he'd be in trouble. Next day a trip in the works van to Hairmyres Hospital and the start of 9 day spell detained at the pleasure of the NHS. Turns out he has renal failure as a result of chemo and dehydration. If he wasn't sorted by my Bro though, It would have been multi organ failure. Oh joy. Anyway he's been "unlucky" to have a stomach infections which is a bit crap to say the least.

So the here and now is this- his kidneys are not strong enough to cope with more chemo so its straight to surgery. His mantra over the past few weeks is "i just want the monkey off my back". the call came today to say into the GRI on Monday and surgery on Thursday. Good your thinking, not Fast Eddie, it freaks him out. As of tonight is on a proper downer.

If you've read this far you either know me or a bit of a sadist. As Ronan would say life is a roller coaster.... how true that is. There is light at the end of the tunnel, its a bit dark right now but I know its there, Tick Tock.

Thank you all for your concern and words of support.
Mrs Mac x

I proper luv ye's man xoxox

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

101 ways to hack off a race organiser

I thought I was finished with RAW for the year, but this post has been a couple of weeks in the making.

You might have read my previous post giving my version of events of that weekend early in September. Well the following account details a series of communications between the race organiser and myself.
No names have been changed to protect the innocent, but heads may roll.....
So, Sept 9th Subversive Runner decides to email the race organiser to thank her for putting on the race and to say how enjoyable it was, all good so far. The problems started for me when she was then advised to read his blog and MINE for good measure. Now while I was not critical of the race (far from it) I did refer to said RO as "the lassie wi a folded bit of paper" not the most complimentary, I know. She read the blogs and seemed to take them in the manner intended.
I however felt that as a fellow local authority leisure trust employee I should maybe set the record straight.

This is a shortened version of our communication-

MM- Wanted to apologise if you were offended by any of my comments, the ultra community are a bit of a warped bunch. We really enjoyed the race. Well done!

RO- Cant speak now.... still too upset !!!!

MM- If I spread the word of RAW at Perth ultrafest will you forgive me?

RO-Hmmmmmm..... maybe?

MM- Sorry, didn't make it to Perth, but SR was spreading the word in Ashtead. Which he should be, it was he who got me in your bad books.

RO- You did it all by yourself!! ha ha . Will you be running next year?

MM- U havin a laugh, Me? Run? don't think so. I would like to come to the presentation though. I think it would be nice to see.

RO- But you're BARRED!!


You will see that RO is a woman of few words. I don't think she likes me very much. But if she is reading this. Please Miss RO, may I come to the presentation? Pretty please.


Saturday, 20 September 2008

He can organise a P***up in a Brewery

What about this then...

Get the troops together for a few beers, free beers at that, a BBQ and a good bleather.
Sounds good so far, until you factor in that Mrs Mac had her bloody car and was unable to partake of said free beer. Doh!
Not to worry a never ending supply of Diet Coke was on hand to make me feel sociable.
And sociable it was.

I've said before how I/we don't get the chance to meet people properly on WHW weekend, well this was the perfect opportunity to engage in the banter with eejits, sorry runners, that are friends I've just not met yet.

And so to my new friends, a gent called Jim. A former member of Strathaven Climbing club, who was either impressed or surprised that I know professor Rice. Not a man unfamiliar to most WHW'ers. Jolly nice chat about the benefits of living in Newtonmore.

A lovely lady by the name of Eilish with whom I had a discussion on whether her 11 year old son should kiss his 12 and a half year old girlfriend before she gets braces !!! who'd have thought it.

Then a 1/3 of my RAW compatriots, it was rather quiet as some of the others were otherwise engaged, mee maw mee maw. I have photographic evidence QB...... but banter was had none the less.

And the infamous Jim Drummond who protested his innocence about swearing at me at Auchtertyre this year.

I met lots of really nice people, and driving was not a problem. I think however I have manged to get roped into another little outing that will see some of the extended RAW family get together sometime in October yee haa. Dino and I in the back of Darios motor, drinking Gin and pretending to do backup (again) LOL.

Friday saw the end of my Da's first cycle of chemo. Well he actually got home on Thursday evening, major happy bunny. It took me all my time to convince him that no, he was not fit enough to head up to Bridge of Allan for a swift one as there were two problems with that scenario. 1. he has to avoid confined spaces with lots of people (and it was confined, I'm sure someone moved me by my bottom!!) and 2. He has lost his sense of taste to the ale would be wasted on him.

A good end to a strange week, did it all actually happen.


Sunday, 14 September 2008

Metta Bhavna

Being a Marshall or backup requires little or no training. On occasion it requires some time in the boozer to get you up to speed with the drinking capabilities of your charges.

No running is required for the duties requested of me but I do like to try.

I like most find that chucking my runners on and getting out in the fresh air helps to clear my head and stave off the madness which is chasing me. This week a nasty cold has kept me indoors (apart from Monday when Irene W ran the back legs off me) which will explain why I had a wee wobble yesterday. The madness is catching up!

This week I have been gladdened to find that kindness and thoughtfulness can be found in the most unlikely places. My Da is being admitted to hospital tomorrow to start his chemo. He hit out with a cracker yesterday, "my a**e is makin buttons" he said when asked how he was feeling about his impending hospital visit. Anyway the goodness... yesterday he sent me a copy of an email he received from Nagpur in India. A place he visits annually on behalf of the FWBO charity. They held a training session and mass meditation to send him Metta Bhavna (loving kindness) cue rivers of tears...... Mrs Mac was a shambles. Add to this the news that my friends mum in Ireland almost burnt the chapel down with the amount of candles she lit. I am thankful to know there are people out there keeping us in their thoughts regardless of distance in years or miles. TY

So if I cant run, music is my therapy. Usually really loud, heavy drum & guitar music. My Ma & Da have passed on some strange musical tastes to the young impressionable Mrs Mac. I share a favorite song with my Dad. Take a minute, sit quietly and listen to this beautiful song.

And finally, I read some really interesting things this week on the WHW forum. The thread entitled "why do we do it" has given me some joy. I particularly enjoyed DQ response "i don't want to be a fat b*******d" but my favorite has to be Fiona's, its deep but I like it. I think it applies to many things, not just Ultras, " if you have to ask the question you wont understand the answer" luv it!!
Hasta la vista,

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Zammo says.....Just Say No

As mentioned elsewhere on this blog I have a slight problem.
I am a sucker for volunteering for stuff that I know little or on occasion, nothing about.

Someone must have had a word in Mr Murdo Macdonalds shell like coz he seems to caught wind of my affliction. Cut to the night before RAW, a lighthearted discussion of race organisation and learning from experiences. How good it would be to have a big plate of stovies at the end of an ultra. Much better than pasta "coz that 'll turn to mush". Then, I hear my own voice, "what about a plate of scotch broth..... mmmm that would be lovely" and the deed was done. Mr Macdonald was in there like a dug eatin stew. Next thing I know I've got my diary out and I'm penciling in 25/04/09. I will add the Fling to my list.

While I've been away at RAW some fellow strathaven striders have been out there doing some great things. Tom Wilson (whw) and his old muckcer Alan (Doc) Young are cycling LE-JOG. From what I can gather they are doing the first few days with out motorised back-up, and they lost the itinerary before the start. They will be joined later in the week by John (the coach) McGillvary with his motor. I learned last night from Irene W that they are raising money for a prostate cancer charity and ACT. Irene received a call yesterday from a local lady who offered to double what they raised. Well done guys, enjoy your trip.

Also the infamous Mr&Mrs Smith who embarked on their first 1/2 marathon and 10k respectively, on Sunday. The Smiths had signed up some time ago, but when my dad was diagnosed with a rare bone cancer recently, they decided to try and raise some money. They set a £300 target, which was promptly reached in the first night. The running total is around £1500. Guys I am so proud of you!!

If you ran the WHW this year my Da weighed you at Auchtertyre, he has an Osteogenicsarcoma in his shoulder. A cancer usually found in children and young people and on long bones. He is getting lots of mileage out of this, cracking on that he's been telling us for years he's only 19!!! (hes actually 56). Treatment starts on Monday. Im sure he will be there June 09, scales at the ready, now that he knows how to work them lol.


Sunday, 7 September 2008

Rite up Re RAW

Following a late arrival to the Friday evening rendezvous point it went down hill from there.

Messers Waterman, Hooper and Hamilton tested a new form of ultra preparation with varying degrees of success. 10 pints and an hours kip will not suit everyone, do not accept race advice from any of these individuals. To do so may cause you permanent injury or at least a very sore head in the morning.

The day started well as Teams Hamilton & McVey were transported to the start in an orderly manner. Directions delivered in nearly military fashion by DQ. Much to the annoyance of the lead driver.

Arrival at the muster point to be met with a distinct lack of people. Registration was a relaxed affair with names being ticked off on a folded bit of paper from the lassies pocket. Soon enough the area was filled with familiar WHW family members. Numbers duly distributed and a short walk to the loch for a motivational speech from a "wummin wi chains roon her neck"

They're off.... 21 runners followed thereafter by 40 odd walkers.

Most folk opted for a self supported 44 mile trot. But in time honoured fashion Mark Hamilton opted for a substantial team to pander to his every whim. Said support was dispatched and with local knowledge took the short drive to Muirkirk to source tea and chocolate. A quick stop off to have the first look at Team Hamilton saw all runners through safely and close together. Couple of Londoners were looking slightly worse for wear but chirppy enough. First meeting with the ever present RAYNET and then off to the next stop. Water, sports drink oranges and chocolate were on offer at the next checkpoint, the wonkey bridge.

The lovely (ahem) village of Sorn was the first real feeding station for messers Hamilton, Waterman and Hooper, to be referred to hence forth as Hawdit Dawdit and Bawjaws. Scoff was scoffed and off over the bridge to Catrine.

Catrine swiftly bypassed, and on to Failford for a spot of lunch for the support crew. A nice portion of fish n chips for Dino and a shady bowl of wallpaper paste (soup) for LL. Just a cup of tea for Mr MacDonald. Disaster was averted as Chris our new RAYNET BFF was ordered to give us a shout as out runners approached. Bawjaws stopped for a mo stuffed his face and skipped off up the hill. Followed sometime later by Hawdit and Dawdit who followed the face sutffing lead but couldnt quite manage a skip, more of a hobble. Enthused by words of support akin to "get your sorry a**e up that b****y hill ya pair a numpties" they seemed fairly happy. Support were feeling a little sleepy following lunch, but as they are a hardcore pair manged to stave off any thoughts of a wee nap.

By now Bawjaws was giving it laldy and as requested was getting the job done to facilitate a speedy start to the evenings festivities. So much so that he reached the checkpoint at Annbank a fraction before said support. No worries as our RAYNET friends were on hand to offer necessary pandering if required. By this stage the gap between Bawjaws and Hawdit and Dawdit and widened and support were forced to make a decision between attending to Bawjaws at the finish or our Londoners. A conflab between LL & Dino and the decision was taken and we headed back to Annbank to meet our runners. DQ would need to cope without adulation for the moment.

Unfortunately route markers and accurate mileage was not a feature of this run and when Hawdit was advised that there was somewhere between 10 and 14 miles of running still outstanding LL nearly got her head knocked off!! So, only our airborne chap remaining and eventually a call was patched through to ascertain if an emerg evac was required. A tired but cheery chappy said he was fine to continue and obtain water from our RAYNET contact.

And off to the finish we sped.

Bawjaws by this stage was foaming at the mouth in anticipation of a bottle of ale. LL engaged her teeth and the bottle top was swiftly removed. One happy runner.

Some time later in strolled Hawdit, followd soon after by Dawdit. It has to be said that although delayed Bawjaws did receive a hearty reception from the whole team as he accompanied our final runner on the last stretch of the way.

All in all a good days work. Lots of laughs, and some good prep work done for WHW 2009. Dario will be pleased.
Cut to 9.30pm in the Bank in Prestwick a band of merry WHWers dissect the days proceedings and enjoy a congratulatory sniffter or 3.

A fantastic weekend, very little sleep and a whole load of new friends.

Thanks for the memories troops.


Sunday, 31 August 2008


Went for a wee run to Glenbuck today to check out the start point for next weeks race.

Glenbuck is the site of the source of the River Ayr. The Loch at Glenbuck is quite beautiful, even on a dreich day in August.

Glenbuck village (ahem, not quite) is set back off the main road in a wooded hillside approx three miles from Muirkirk. Entering the village feels like your on someones driveway!

Parking is limited, 15-20 max in an anglers carpark next to the loch. Add to this, race day registration and there wont be room to swing a cat. There are also NO facilities at this site.

The start of the race looks as though it follows the driveway back down toward the main road. As mentioned elswhere the signage was not very obvious. This first section was a tarmac road on a slight downhill and it was quite slippy today.

**Warning** anyone intending to access Glenbuck via the B743 Strathaven - Muirkirk DONT. The road is closed from 01/09/08 til 10/09/08. for up to date info click here-

There is not much else to say, as its not a big place. I hope they have told the anglers, coz I dont think they'll be best pleased about being invaded. When I got back to my car around 5pm they were ready for the off. One of them had a bottle of the Scottish national drink (not Irn Bru). Sounds like my kind of fishing!!
Very last word, promise. Glenbuck is the birthplace of Bill Shankley, Im afraid that news was wasted on me, as I dont know who the chap is. There is a nice memorial in the village which I thought was a nice touch.

See you next week LMx