Sunday, 23 November 2008

Run With the Wind 2009

Just a quick post coz I've been put under pressure.
More pictures that words at the mo, but for some readers of this forum that's normal form......
Fantastic event again this year. Credit where its due...... mainly to my 11 year old daughter who is fast turning into a top event co-coordinator. She received praise from all corners, her talents are not confined to dishing out baked potatoes on WHW Saturday.
Ah...... then there is our good friend Dario who made an appearance, not one he will forget in a hurry. I know most of you crazy people wouldn't get out of bed for a measly 10km but my oh my it was a blast. The after party is worth it in its own right.

The start at Ardoch Rig. Wind Farm. Chris Moon starts the race.

about 1.5km in. My Maw and Da'
Dario the Dare Devil. The space hopper in question.

this is the queue for SOUP.
Not much of a post I know, but I'm a little tired and emotional.
More to follow......
Mrs Mac xxx

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Do NOT look under the bed!!!

I'm killing time trying to avoid the inevitable.
The time of year is here where children's rooms need to be cleared of the old years rubbish to make room for what ever rubbish the ask for for Christmas.
I am numbing the pain by treating myself to a SMALL glass of Wolf Blass Yellow Label Cab Sauv.
It is a small glass and I'm not drinking it as if I'm about to die.

The reason for the anesthetic is the fact that I have a 14 and a half year old son and much as I've tried to encourage, (read, bully) him to complete the task on his own he has resisted and I can wait no longer. I had a quick look this morning and after I tripped over his electric guitar, stubbed my toe on the amp and waded my way through a waist deep pile of Kerrang magazines I decided the time had come.....

This must have freaked him out as he has emptied some drawers into a bin bag, but that's as far as he got before disappearing with his mates. I was advised this week to do myself and him a favour and avoid looking under the bed. I'll need to remember that. I have no desire to see what a 14.5 year old stores there. Homework it is not!!

I was also parents night tonight. For the 11 year old daughter. Usual mix of Maths, good. English, good. A little chatty at times but THE look normally puts a stop to it. I nearly ended my self laughing..... I know THAT look, I wear glasses and use it all the time. Tilt the head forward and stare over the top of them... works every time!! Shes off to stay with her Dad tonight, mmmm, maybe I should have tackled her room. No nasties in there, but glitter everywhere. Shes her mothers daughter.

Got some good news tonight. Your friend and mine, the race director managed to secure a job with the aid of my ample knowledge....well maybe not. But it is good news and I am very pleased for him. Well done gaffer.

My Da'. If you read the last post you'll know he went back to hospital yesterday and underwent some tests to check his kidneys before the next round of chemo. The last lot gubbed him good and proper. Resulting in acute kidney failure. Anyway, tests were positive and he is able to receive 1st line chemo, which means the most effective chemo for his type of cancer. More good news is the surgery was pretty good and there is no evidence of cancerous cells in the margins of the tissue. Technical talk, but I'm told its all good! The rubbish bit it that coz they are going in softly softly its gonna take longer, until May 09 at least. My life is going to be ruled by three week cycles from now on.
Luv, Mrs Mac x

Monday, 10 November 2008

An unopened bag of Kettle Chips....

Another post about running.

Don't be scared readers I've not lost my marbles, I have not become a "runner" I am still most definitely just "someone who runs"

I was given a couple of options; a route full of hills, or a flat route round a beautiful park. Now I know some of you are shouting at the screen...."hills hills hills" but come on it's Mrs Mac here. I subscribe to the Irene Wilson school of running and her first words to me were walk the bloody hills. Now if it works for Mrs W then it'll work for me!

I learned something this weekend.... don't drink tea, however expensive, right before a run.... it makes you feel sick. I only drank the bloody stuff coz the rain started bucketing down as we arrived at the park.
Anyway a slack 7.1 miles round Richmond Park.... I cant believe I passed on a 10k and ended up doing this. Imagine a huge wide open space, with beautiful trees all the colours of autumn, people on bikes, kids on scooters and other crazy people mainly running the opposite direction all of this in the centre of Lahndan!!(said with a fake cockney accent) After the sick feeling passed I really enjoyed it. Not much chatter going on, more quiet contemplation. Far removed from my usual running companions who giggle more than run. My excellent guide stopped to point out green parakeets, the building where ALL the poppies are made, apart from the white ones, and glanced in the general direction of where Mick Jagger lives. (Edit:- turns out the Subversive Runner is not as clever as he thinks he is...... OUR Scottish poppies are made here in Scotland at the Lady Haig poppy factory in Embra.)

I saw a deer, and as I slowed(even more) as to not disturb it my guide pipes up "if we don't see any at least we've seen one"??!!?? WTF ,this is an educated man we're talking about, doh!

As the end approached I got a call from my Ma. She, my faither, aunt & uncle had hightailed off to Aviemore for the weekend. She announced it was SNOWING!! I'm a bit of a fan of the white stuff, she reckoned I'd love it up there. This is true, but there is nowhere else I'd rather have been. The day was rounded off with a roast chicken dinner, an unopened bag of kettle chips and a lesson in how to drink vino calapso.....responsibly!!

Ps, my Da is pretty good this week. He is back at the Beatson on Wednesday for the next phase of this cancer treatment. More chemo... yuk. He only just started shaving again after 6 weeks! now its gonna all fall out again!

Mrs Mac

Sunday, 2 November 2008

No RAC required.......

A whole post about running!!
Today was the most beautiful day. Other than spend it on a west coast beach with those I love there was only one other thing to do…. Get out there and run.
That’s exactly what I did. Kids were with their Dad; dog was still in bed after a heavy night barking at fireworks. So it was me on my own with Paolo in my ears for company. Following a transport update to calm my nerves I jumped in to my runners and skipped out the door. I am lucky enough to stay in a very cute wee town with rolling countryside in every direction. I took a risk that the cows would be absent from the field and set out to do the Spectacle E’e Falls route. Not the scary fanged cows that Karen D is familiar with but I don’t DO cows, regardless.Anyway I'm not gonna say too much, I took loads of photies and a wee video I hope they do it justice.

Doh!! Eh, this'll be the way then.....

Looking towards Stonehouse.

The River Avon

Looking back across the bridge towards Strathaven.

Looking back towards Strathaven.

Not the best quality but it was nice being there.....

Pictures are not up to Sarah Ridgways standard but I had to try.

Don't worry the usual rubbish will return shortly don't think I've gone all sensible and serious about this running nonsense, coz I aint!!

I have no idea how far I ran and no real clue how long it took, maybe an hour and 45 mins.... pretty long for me. Debs mentioned before about being called "one pace Debs" well that's me! I really will need to try and sort that out...... That quote might be a lot of rubbish but I've got someone in my ear telling me to post it even if its not true. Answers on a postcard with guesses...

see ya LMx