Sunday, 22 February 2009

Bloodsucking Brady Bunch on tour

A pretty slack week of running, mainly due to being on my hollibags for 5 days but the dreaded shingles are back for the 3rd time in three months, whats that all about?!? Maybe I AM allergic to the Pirate like DQ suggested. Anyway, I only get a wee rash on my head that makes me look like Harry Potter, but its the back pain that floors me and puts the kibosh on the running.

So, half term with the children and we hop on the 10.15 Ryan air flight to Lahndan. Let me say at this point Stansted is NOT London, in the same way that Prestwick isn't Glasgow. A great flight with the kids, I'm getting used to doing it on my own but having company made the flight go really quickly. J & H were really excited and it was a giggle.

The Subversive Runner was collecting us for long drive home. I had asked for some suggestions for things to do, but the weans had their own ideas (no surprise there).

A trip to Hamleys via Battersea Fire Station and a rainy Trafalgar Square saw us loaded up with teddy bears and sherbet straws. H & I were off to see Sharleen Spiteri at the Hammersmith Apollo so we were set loose on the underground to fend for ourselves. Gig was tremendous, Texas were the first band I ever saw at the Barrowland almost 20 years ago. I had a wee tear in my eye. Music is pretty important to me and the album Melody was the theme tune to my summer last year. Each song seemed to mirror what was going on in my life. Anyway, Melody has been put to bed. The Airborne Toxic Event has replaced Sharleen.
Next day we headed to the Imperial War Museum. It's pretty good having a guide who has a first in History and knows the museum like the back of his hand. My two really enjoyed it.
The followinf day 4 children working in cahoots decide that the Natural History Museum comes a poor second to London Dungeon, so up to London we head to be met by a two hour wait on the street to get in!!! I don't 'do' queueing so while we swithered over what to do my son gets nabbed by a guy dressed as a goul and before he knows it is head is in the guillotine. So bloody funny, Jay Mac took it all in good humor and bagged free passes for a visit to the London Bridge Experience. Billed as the scariest attraction in London. Great day out defo recommend it. There is some videoevidence that I may have landed a job there due to my cackle like laughing. It is not true, it wisney me, I was set up lol.
A successful trip south of the border. Great company, lot of laughs & not too much vino callapso.

So today I fancy a wee trot some where nice. I'd better get myself motivated and move my butt.

Catch ya, Mrs Mac x

Ps. My Da,
As you know my Dads chemo got stopped coz it was knackering his kidneys. This week he had a whole body MRI. He had to have it done twice coz he was fidgeting anyways we need to wait a whole week for results. It's back to feeling mixed up after having a few weeks of near normality. At least we have something to look forward to. My Maw and Da are coming with me to see SR put his dooks up and mince around the squared ring in Portsmouth next weekend. Bring it on. x

Jay Mac gets his head chopped off and a couple of freebies in the process.

Ginger Dan demonstrates the art of pole dancing for the trainees.

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Oh yes , it can be done....

...... running with a hangover, it can be done. My esteemed friend and much better qualified runner, DQ had to ask if it had not been proven to me already. I'm sure your familiar with the event to which he is referring. If not scroll through my old posts til you fine the ones regarding RAW 2008. That wasn't hungover..... that was still drunk. I don't think I'm up to that standard just yet. Anyway, yes It had been proven, I just needed to put it to the test.

I awoke this morning, and it was morning, with a surprisingly clear head. The same couldn't be said for my early morning alarm call provider who I believe was slightly delicate. I had expected a wee bit of fuzziness, but nae, it was tip top. Pretty amazing really since I had been out since 1pm and drank Baileys during the day, red wine with my meal and topped it off with few spiced rums and diet coke (you gotta laugh). Oh, I forgot about the 2 Bacardi Breezers we had on the bus to Hamilton, which yours truly opened with her teeth!!!!
"the dancin" was avoided and in the words of my dear mate Scanners "they'd stab ye as quick as look at ye" and we were in a taxi home the back of 1.

So up this morning bright and breezy to a fair morning. A cup of tea and some toast. Scanners had a date with a body combat class and I was right up for it.
Don't ask me the mileage, I couldn't tell you. I don't own any fancy gadgets to measure it. Don't ask me how long it took coz I didn't check the time. I know I ran farther than the normal route. I know it was quicker, coz my heart was working overtime and my lungs were bursting. But I fair enjoyed it. I did the Specs run........ twice!!! and an extra couple of loops in Sandford. Good job well done and all that.

I spent the rest of the day chillin in the house. Kids were off doing their thing and I just faffed. Tonight, apart from enjoying a long blether on the phone, I have been watching Green Day 'v' Blink 182 on Kerrang. A top 20 video countdown thing, you know the type. So..... No1 Green Day Basket Case. Very apt for this blog and sums up how I've been feeling this week........enjoy.
Mrs Mac x

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Nasty cheese burgers

You may have gathered that I am not a very competitive person, but even I can see that following the Race Princesses school of race preparation may scupper my plans for a successful Calley challenge. My training today consists of a 1pm lunch with one of my oldest girlfriends (without alcohol) and a 7pm dinner with one of my newer girlfriends (with alcohol and possibly dancing til the wee hours). This does not constitute effective race preparation in any ones books unless your name is Dave, Martin or Mark!!

Well at least its not as bad as wandering round the camping show at the SECC which would see me buying even more stuff I don't need for my camping box and eating nasty cheese burgers. On the subject of camping I was hoping to get under canvas sometime in March, but trying to fit in a 4 on 4 off shift pattern with a standard work week and a charity dance is making it tough. Anyone got any cool places to visit? The current list includes places such as Arran, Eigg, The Lakes, Chesil Beach....

This time next week I will have arrived in Lahdan with my kids for a few days of tourist activity. They have been getting more and more excited in the last couple of weeks. So, things to do in London, unusual ideas please. My wee lassie and I are off to see Sharleen Spiteri next Sunday thanks to a very generous gift ;-)

So, tomorrow I need to run...... and run well. I have been spoiled though, last weeks run on the WHW was such a treat. Im tempted to go back. It just wont be the same.

TTFN, Mrs Mac xx

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Two 21st's and an 18th

There has been a lot of talk quite recently on the WHWR forum regarding virgin status. Race virgin of course. Not any other type you understand........ anyway I'm blethering on and I haven't even got to the point yet. So, virgin, I would class myself as one. Not in the way that Dario has classified them, no. I am a true WHW virgin, never set foot on it, well apart from at my checkpoint, never mind run on the blasted thing!! Well people I have some news....... I am a virgin no more yipeeeeee. I said in my last post I'd need to get a shift on with kick starting the old Calley Challenge training.

So our wayward London fireman was making a flying visit and before I know it I'm speeding out of Glasgow airports short stay car park and heading for the A82. My suggestion was a nice wee lunch in the Drovers and somehow that morphed into "we could have a wee run first, oh and how about some shadow boxing at the half way point" how on earth did I get my self into this???

Anyhoo, It was terrific. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Weather was mild although it was wet and quite boggy underfoot in places. Was it worth an hour and a half's drive for a few miles on the Way...... you betchya. I will gladly repeat the journey.

Its been a busy January for Mrs Mac. I was visiting the concrete jungle last week. My visit to Lahndan coincided with the 3rd BWB boxing event at the Clapham Grand. Ooooohhhh what a night. Now, I know NOTHING about boxing, but even I can appreciate the bout between Ed Haines and Justin Hudson. Class act, excellent display of craftsmanship. Looking forward to a possible rematch in May.

On my return from the boxing I had a party to prepare for. My Aunty Joan had two 21st and an 18th..... (I promised i wouldn't divulge her age). Great wee night, nothing wild, but a wee sing song was had. Cue my Da'.

I hear its been snowing somewhat in the land over the Scottish border. QB was telling me tonight that there is a foot and a half of the white stuff. Well I think he has been taking the Darth Vader thing a bit too far. Coz there is hee haw snow in Strathaven!!

Ok troops. I've finished blethering. Time for an early night.

Mrs Mac x