Monday, 30 March 2009

Be Beep: Hello?

Ok so I can't run. I'm sitting at home with my blasted laptop, joined far too many forums to talk rubbish with random people I have only the slightest conection with. But I'll tell you what I have never laughed as much in ages. check these out. I dare you to try and not giggle.

Lots a love,
Mrs Mac x

Friday, 27 March 2009

Baby Steps

So you know I've been whingeing on about shingles for months, and how I've ended up with Post Herpetic Neuralgia well its becoming a right pain in the neck. (no pun intended lol)
I have been off work for 3 weeks, the meds I've got make me sleep for 15 hour's a day and I'm getting a bit worried that my training for the Calley challenge has gone down the drain. So on Monday I took my first tentative steps back on the road to recovery. I had a wander round Ashtead Common last week, supposedly just a wee walk, but it was such a beautiful day that I was out for two hours. Who would believe that this is London?

Monday night is a Striders club night. Anne T and I were having our piccy taken in our Calley tee shirts for the local paper, to promote out fundraising events(more about this later). We have to raise 2 grand as a team!!!! bloody hell that's more of a challenge than the event its self. Anyway, the money is for the the Scottish Charities Foundation so that's good.
Back to Monday; It was a really cold night, felt wintry and I was conscious about not over doing it. Just wanted to see if I had lost all my fitness. Didn't go to bad, Lynn was good company. Missed Wednesday training due to the weans performance in the Little Mermaid. Yesterday I spent the day clearing out cupboards and gutting out rubbish. Great how you can clear your head at the same time. So last night in a howling gale and hailstone blizzard I headed back out. I was just planning to get some air in my lungs, but I felt great, knee good, hip good, back good and Martha in my ear. Magic!! Ran four and a bit miles and was buzzing that it was easy. Confident I can get back to running some decent mileage. Maybe the Calley is not a lost cause after all.

Got an email from Murdo Macdonald last night with the logistic plan for the Fling, cant believe it's so soon. I remember that night when I heard myself volunteering to help out and thinking to myself, D'oh!! I've done it again. I thought I was gonna be making soup and stovies for three hundred, but alas no. Me and Dino are gonna be shacked up together at Bein Glas Farm on timing duties. We will no doubt have our trusty score cards too. You know the ones where we give runners marks out of 10. Extra points for shorts, double points for extra short shorts and good legs lol.

There has been quite a bit of taking the mickey out of Mrs Mac on other blogs in the past few days. I have decided to ignore them, avoid tit for tat and just remind those involved that come June 20th I will be responsible for deciding if you're able to continue on from Auchtertyre Farm. Oooooo I can see massive weight fluctuations for some people. Ahhhhhhhh the power, love it!!

Mrs Mac x

ps, I'm off to Tescos now to buy myself a gymball as per the gaffers instructions. He is requesting video evidence........ eeekk a bit of practice first me thinks lol.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

.....and the winner is.....Oh No!!!

Wow what a week.
Monday 5 m time45min
Tuesday5.5m time 55min
Wed slow run no time
Thurs hill reps 4x2 2x3 6x1 1 min recovery.
Fri rest
Sat 8m slow (blethering)

Sounds the part, doesn't it?

'Well the reality is I'm GUBBED, well and truly. I haven't had my trainers on for running purposes since I found those legs last week.
I'm oot the game with Post Heptetic Neuralgia. All down to the bloody shingles. The pain in my back is a nightmare still, although the shooting pain behind my eye is improving.
So I've been ordered to rest, my gaffer has banned me from work. Just as well the Doc agreed.I have been resting, sleeping mainly. All down to some heavy drugs man.

Saturday was a bit of a rush around right enough. It was the Strathaven Striders Charity bash.

And as I'm El Presidente I had a few duties to carry out. Subversive Runner, Drama Queen and Race Princess were all in attendance. Although the latter two were fashionably coz RP wanted to come in her fleecy jimjams.
Atmosphere was great and the vino callapso was going down a treat when I remembered I had those duties to carry out....... better call a halt to the quaffing me thinks.
I was in charge of the silent auction for the evening. In the end we raised about £900 on auction items. RP confirmed her new status as full blown runner by bidding on a garmin forerunner 350. She was unlucky, but some lucky begger bagged a bargain at £150!!

I also had a presentation to make to our retiring Race Directior Irene Wilson. Now Mrs W is not known as a woman of few words but for some reason her acceptance speech was incredibly short. Two words to be precise....... "Oh No" she shouted down the mic as she headed back to her seat. Later she explained she was so taken aback at receiving such a beautiful decanter she was dumb struck. Nothing to do with copious amount's of wine and an HMI inspection at school then, eh?

It was also my Da's birthday, so I abused my power and got everyone to sing Happy Birthday as my Mam presented him with some cake. It was lovely. Strange thing happened though. Without even discussing it Subversive Runner and my Da turned up in almost identical dark blue striped shirts. Aucht well one fashion faux pas cant be criticised, can it? But twice in the same week!!! Holy mother of God........ my fella dresses like my Da!!

I only have one pic to post as evidence. There may be more. Is it a crime to go out with someone who dresses like your parent???
Mrs Mac x

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

The good, the bad & the ugly

I'm in a right miserable mood so this aint gonna be pretty.
Last week I managed to find some running legs. they were just lying around so I gave them a go, pretty good. Made me run the Wednesday night 5 mile time trial faster than I've ever run the distance before EVER. The Monday run had been good too, and not just coz I was blethering the whole way.
This week is a different story; Monday night I was delivering a staff development session at work and didn't get home til 9.45pm, so no running.
Last night my back was a bit icccy and tonight it is gowpin'!!! The bloody shingles has left me with back ache worse than when I was in labour and a shooting pain behind my eye. So much so that my gaffer has banished me and I and now house bound and instructed to recover properly this time before returning to work.
Anyway there has been some other good stuff in Mrs Macs world this week. My Dad had a full body scan the other week as baseline for monitoring his cancer in the long run. It was a pretty scary time as although the tumor was removed completely when his shoulder was taken away there is a potential for "splinter" cells to regrow. Anyhoo, the result was very positive and things are good for the moment.
This made for a party atmosphere as I made my way south with Maw & Paw to watch the Subversive Runner get bashed up..... oh sorry, box in Portsmouth. SR himself has a detailed report, as you'd imagine, so I wont bore you with detail. Suffice to say I got carried away with the vino callapso on the Friday coz I was chauffeur on the Saturday. Whhhoooooops.

So, I'm crabbit, sore, and home alone. I never thought I'd say this but I'm really missing running.

Hasta, Mrs Mac x