Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Subversive Saddling

Right folks, first things first....you're thinking this is a stable, level headed, strong willed Scottish woman at the key-board, right?

WRONG!!! This is the Subversive Runner on Mrs Macs's blog doing some bloggin' action. This was an idea I came up with and the rules are simple and as follows:

1. I write Mrs Mac's blog.
2. She writes mine.
3. The blog recipient is not allowed to delete or amend anything the other party has written.
4. The blogee can write anything.

So, if you're a reader of both blogs you've either already read the flowery, sugary-sweet nonsense Mrs Mac has written on my formerly pristine blog; or you're about to experience that dubious, but undoubtedly sickly, pleasure.

So....allow me to speak for Mrs Mac. Well, on a hierarchical list of priorities she's a burd that puts blog writing at a level below cleaning wax from her ears, so enjoy a post from a master (and a geezer that has so little going on in his life he manages an average of 15 posts a month).

You ought to know that after a significant period of illness and a lack of running Mrs Mac has re-emerged upon the sport of putting one foot in front of the other quickly re-invigorated and ready to kick arse.

She knocked out a 4 mile run with her fella this week on a route that was tough going under-foot, mainly off-road and with the type of hills that road-runners cry about and ask for their mothers.

Then she cracked on out tonight alone into the darkness of South London and ate up the local streets like a woman possessed (that sounds bad, doesn't it? Imagine that sentence in another context....I should state categorically that she was out running).

I reckon she's en route to get properly stuck into the 53 mile Caledonaian Challenge in June, after getting her marshalling fix from the Highland Fling, of course. She's also en route to gaining a mental database of all the finest films that her delicate sensibilities disallowed her access to, prior to being Subverted (!!!).

We saw a film tonight that left her completely puzzled, but it's on the list Dear Reader....check it out.....No Country For Old Men.

Not for burds.