Sunday, 10 May 2009

A big boy did it and ran away.

Aw man what can I say, Christopher Brookmyre is an absolute legend.
The man gave up his time for free, read to us, generally entertained us and swore even better than AllyBea when shes had a bad day with the knitting needles!! The only other swearing aficionado I know often punctuates sentences with F*$@in' instead of a full stop or capital letter. So to hear a man explain how the BBC required him to reduce his use of expletives in his radio play for a late night slot; that he had used F&*k 40 times and he was only allowed 15 F@*k's. In a nutshell he had too many f@*k's. Well you can imagine the uproarious laughter.

Hysterical, he read from a book titled "A tale etched in blood and hard black pencil". He explained how there was a strong autobiographical element to the story and that almost everything had actually happened when he was at school. His colourful description of how children sitting on a hard wooden gymnasium floor have the instant urge to fart and the subsequent contortions of trying not too. It is not funny in the retelling, certainly the way I retell it but he had the place in stitches as we all recalled episodes of our former school years and that exact situation.

It was a fantastic night and we raised a pretty penny. The wean is as we speak sitting at the table counting the proceeds from our bag packing expedition earlier on in the day.
Big thanks must go to Anne and Tony T. Anne for her contacts (she knows CB) Tony T for running round like a headless chook. Scotmid in Strathaven for letting us pack shopping for fun(!). The people of Strathaven for being so generous, given that RBS was emblazoned across our t-shirts. Also Stratheven Striders, family and friends for supporting us in our venture.

PS...... nae runnin'.
Physio is going well. I can walk and run a bit, physio said to do what I feel comfortable with. But cant sit for too long or bend over. Go figure.

Mrs Mac x

Friday, 1 May 2009

It's all over now

Its been nearly a week since the Montane Highland Fling.
Nearly a week since I put a tent up with the Subversive Runner for the first time.
Nearly a week since I went for a pint with Corned Beef and he drank juice (?)
Nearly a week since one of the best weekends I've had in ages.

It was fab!! Early rise and a late night to follow but it was a fantastic atmosphere and I'm glad I was there for the start. Meeting big Davie, who looks nothing like his picture. A proper big Glesga Polis. Wee baby Cairn and his gorgeous Maw. Seeing the guy from the pub the night before and killing my self laughing when he heard Dave talk about running in June. All not to be missed.
The dancin in the evening; seeing a London fireman dance his 2nd and 3rd Gay Gordons (ever). Being made to do some crazy Indian wifeys dance round a guy with a kilt on(?). I had my naughty head on and had to talk my self out of looking up his kilt just to check. I don't think his Mrs would have been very pleased.

So its all over for another year. I'm off camping again this weekend with The Welshes (my family) no subversive Runner this time :-(

Next marshalling duties for me are in two weeks time at the Cateran Trail Race. I'm sure I see some of you there. There are places still available for runners if you fancy it.

But before then, next Saturday the 9th of May I have some tickets left for "An evening with Christopher Brookmyre" Christopher is a Scottish crime writer, general funny guy and sometime football pundit. I'm told he supports St Mirren. Anyway he has kindly agreed to donate his time for us and read from his latest novel and have a bit of banter. All to help us raise the money for our little walk!!!

Tickets are £10 and include a buffet. There will be a bar and a silent auction.
7.30 - 11.30 in the Ballgreen Hall Strathaven.

If you would like tickets or can help with a raffle prize or can help in anyway let me know.

Mrs Mac xox