Monday, 23 November 2009

Rockin' and Rollin'

Glad to see I’m not the only one who is taking it easy on the old blogging front. Apart from the usual suspects who are prolific to say the least. The rest of us mere mortals are taking a much more relaxed approach.

I topped off my crazy week by heading back down to London to see the BWB boxing show at the Clapham Grand on Wednesday. Excellent night; great entertainment value and some fantastic skill and heart shown by all the boys.

Funny how the first time I went along I was given a VIP pass and my very own bodyguard (a certain former Para who is familiar with the WHW) and encouraged to enjoy some drinks at the bar. This time I’m given a ‘staff’ pass and set to work. There are worse jobs I guess; looking after some sweaty firemen who has just done battle in the squared ring and need a little TLC, aw bless. I’m the girl for the job ;)

The biggest problem for me was the weather. Lovely here on the Wednesday morning. Torrential rain and gale force winds in London on arrival. Not the most comfortable of landings I have to admit. Same on the way home. Woke up in the morning to see the trees bent to a 90 degree angle in the wind. Have to admit I wasn’t looking forward to the flight home.

This bit is a bit mushy; avert your eyes if you’re squeamish.
The old ‘distance makes the heart grow fonder’ nonsense, is just that. A load of old tosh.
Distance is a pain in the arse. Cheap flights aint that cheap and ‘it’s just an hour’s' flight’ is crapola.

Decided on a quiet weekend at home with the kids. Two days of long lies in my scratcher and not much else to write home about.
An online karaoke with Captain Jack Sparra saw some crackin tunes murdered to death. The only saving grace was securing two tickets to see the Pogues in Sheffield in December. That's the way I roll ;)
Join in the karaoke-

Monday, 16 November 2009

Busy Busy Busy

The problem with blogging is this….

….when you’ve got time to blog it’s usually because you’ve got nothing better to do with your time and therefore have nothing to talk about. On the flip side when you’ve got summit to say you’re way to busy to commit time to putting pen to paper, or in this case fingers to keyboard.

Well it’s been almost a month since I blogged last, I guess that must mean I’ve been busy. And you’d be right ;)

I’m sitting here during my lunch half hour and I’m gonna type like a demented half wit to bring you up-to-date on the true life soap opera featuring Mrs Mac #2

After supporting Ian with his 24hr attempt I felt a bit inspired to do a bit of running. I managed to get out on the Clyde Walk Way on wet n wild Sunday afternoon. The route had been recommended by my Bro who is a secret underground type runner, lurks in the forums and all that.

Any way route is tops, defo recommend it to anyone who can access it. A newly completed walk way covering 40 miles from Clydebank to New Lanark. I picked the day that clocks went back and woops should really have started a little bit earlier. Running through the woods, on my own in the dark got the adrenalin going.

Back to back training nights with club has seen my mojo return with gusto.
Bit of a strange one that. I have been out of the training loop for a bit coz I didn’t feel that I was fit enough to full participate, but it was the support and encouragement from my club mates and a bit of a bollocking from Mrs Wilson that did the trick.

Then it was our Run With the Wind 10km at the beginning with the month. Loads of final dotting of I’s and crossing of T’s took up quite a bit of time. That and hanging round the house waiting for a massive milk lorry to deliver the goods.

Race day was also wet n wild. A great event none the less. Some fantastic feedback from everyone. Well done to all family members involved. Special mentions to you know who for running while suffering from a chest infection which incapacitated him so much he refused a pint (!). Also DQ who has decided that maybe he WILL “get out of bed for a 10k” after all cos marshalling is hard work. The WHW Runner for cracking his sub 40 goal and last but certainly not least our very own Princess for completing her first 10k, ably assisted by the nicest man in the world.

Next a bit of socialising. A night out in the Counting House to say cheerio to Neal Pacepusher. I had been out with my mate during the day and to say I was a little giddy by the time we met the WHW family was an understatement. My mate Scanners is the kinda girl you can take anywhere. Great social skills. Kinda freaky though that she knew someone in the company. WTF she’s a fitballer, no a runner. Got to bed at 4.30am. Hardcore ;)
Awwwwww, Airborne Toxic Event with the Pirate and the Royal Couple and RJSR & her hubby. Stupendous, incredible, fantastic, amazing; words don’t do them justice. Simply divine.

This is where the wheels fell off.
I was hoping to join the Race Princess for her Diet coke WHW training run. Quite looking forward to it in fact. One we problem. I had convinced myself it was a Sunday run. Uh oh missed it by a day, but my car had been acting up and it was gonna be expensive right? Not so, a wee reset on the computer thingumijig and I’m good to go. After the wean went to her Dads I was at a loose end. I thought about doing the run on Sunday on my own, but I really didn’t want to be Nigeled.

So can someone tell me at what point deciding on the spur of the moment driving 400 miles south of the border to surprise the Pirate was a sensible idea?
At 4pm on a Saturday afternoon, when I could have gone for a quite glass of wine, I chucked all my gear in to the now tickety boo motor and started driving.
By the time I reached Carlisle I still wasn’t convinced I was going to ACTUALLY drive the whole way, by Lancaster or Preston though I decided that it was as far to turn back than to carry on and the deed was done.

I arrived in London in 6 and a bit hours after I left Strathaven. I had been blethering to the Pirate on the way down, giving him duff information about visits to Asda and to see some friends but when I called to say I was there he called me a numptie. Now I will not be drawn on that, coz there has been quite enough discussion about numpties on the forum and blogs. To say he was surprised is an understatement. Spent as long driving round the city centre as the whole rest of the journey down to some duff info from a rather squiffy Pirate.
Do you know there are two Horseferry Roads in London? Well there IS; something the Pirate neglected to tell me.

Anyway, a night in a single bed in a place I really shouldn’t have been and watching the march on the Cenotaph was excellent. Well worth the mammoth expedition.

Witnessing serving soldiers who at first glance looked like cadets, followed by former soldier of advancing years interspersed by the very young children of fathers recently lost was very emotional.
Hearing the bag pipes did the job and the tears came. I was very proud of my Pirate.

So that’s it. A months round up. I’m off back down to London for the BWB Boxing on Wednesday night. A whistle stop tour and I’m flying this time.

Time to get the running shoes back on ;) mmmmmm I think I need a new pair.

Mrs Mac x