Thursday, 17 December 2009

Big Brother is Watching

By the way, I meant to say.
I've been doing a bit of running. Not much but I'm trying.
Life has been getting in the way a bit.
What with galavanting round Embra Toon with the Royal couple and the usual suspects for Festive Fun. Galavanting off to see the Pogues with my fella and chairing my first Striders AGM as El Presidente there hasn't been too much time for plodding round the town.

This week I've had two cracking plods.
Monday saw me trot out with Anne, me team mate from the Calley and Dot, founder member of Strathaven Striders and keeper of the Kingshouse checkpoint.
They had costumes to deliver, so it was never going to be far or fast. We ran the 'loops'- any one from Strathaven will be very familiar with the loops- and stopped at the first gaff. Only a pit stop with Prof & Mrs Rice then on to the main event.
Irene Wilson cried off running tonight, citing too much marking as an excuse. She politely invited us in and offered a refreshment for our trouble.
Tea, coffee, WINE??? my eyes lit up. But we are running.
Aucht well give me a large glass o red and one o those smashing mince pies. Job Done.

Tonight was the infamous Wednesday night coached session. Groans all round. We know its good for us but it stings.

Former El Presidente, (cant be named for legal reasons) scared me witless tonight. We were chatting as you do while waiting on the group to reform when there was some discussion regarding 'continental quilts'. Now this made me smile as its one of those phrases that you don't hear much any more, and it fitted in nicely with the retro theme on my FB this week. Rubik's cubes, Mr. Frosty, Al a carte kitchens etc. His Mrs and I had a giggle. He recons we're posh coz we call them duvets :)

Anyway...... he told us of a burd in his work who's being taken to court over a blog she kept over a three year period where in amongst chatter about cutting hedges was all the salaries of all the big wigs in the company!!! wtf I don't know the detail, but seems like she's looking at a stretch in the clink.
Now I have rarely blogged anything inflammatory or slanderous and don't think I could be taken to court over it but you never know.
Big Brother is Watching.

Hasta la vista
Mrs Mac x

Monday, 14 December 2009

Sweet Revenge

I go with this guy, right. Not a bad lad, recons he’s some sort of literary whiz kid who has taken the world of cyber creativity to a new level. I have been the butt of many a joke. With the truth stretched to make a piece just that wee bit funnier. Well, artistic licence is one thing, but this time it’s gone too far. I’m not one for revenge. I’m prone to sitting on the fence and keeping my gub shut. Mrs Mac bites back ;)

This week it was the bold boys birthday. Now, he’s not an easy bloke to buy for. Not one for trinkets or charms, shiny things or bling. A bottle of fruit based alcohol maybe, or water of life; but this would not suffice.

I decided on a wee surprise. A couple of tickets for the Pogues and a child free weekend in a hotel.
As he had spent the week prior on a ‘course’ (read jolly boys holiday) his liver was hurting more than his head. A crazy night on the tiles with dancing on tables til the wee hours was reduced to a Chinese buffet and an early bath. The pre birthday boy was zonked by 11pm. Hardcore, eh?
Should I be worried?

A chilled birthday morning, cup of tea and two biccys for brekky.
I was soooooo looking forward to a nice lazy lunch, glass of wine, maybe a cocktail or two and a wee snooze before the gig. Your choice birthday boy, take your pick. Mmmmmmm fillet steak, lobster, choices choices. Can someone tell me why we ended up in some god-forsaken manky chipy for a fish tea?
Should I be worried?

Picture the scene; we’re having a wee cuddle, letting our lunch digest ?!? Watching a bit of telly and having a wee doze. Heads together like a couple o’ love birds. Awwwwww sweet.
Birthday boy jumps up and I nearly dislocate my neck with the speed he shifted at.

You woke me up!!

No birthday boy, you woke yourself up. That was YOU snoring not me.

Should I be worried?

The Pogues were immense. I was really just along for the ride. I felt like a total fraud standing there jammed up against the crash barrier centre stage.
But OMG is ever you get the chance to see them, jump at it. One of the best gigs I’ve ever been to, and there’s been a few.

Revenge is sweet. And definitely a dish best served cold.
The quote regarding Kirsy McColl, attributed to me is of course a pile of shite.

My revenge………?
for Christmas……… I’ve got him tickets……….
for Sydney Devine ;)

Happy Birthday Waterfairy.
Hope you enjoyed it x

Mrs Mac