Monday, 16 August 2010

In For A Penny In for A Pound

Well, another weekend of hee haw running.

Friday lunchtime Scanners picks me up from work and we head westwards for a rendezvous with a Ryan Air freedom bird.
Our timing was precise…..we had to give ourselves plenty of time for some Pina Colada, our habitual drink of choice as we make our way to our respective other halves in the land south of Hadrians protective wall.

What we did not account for was some feckin’ road works coming down the A77 causing a 2 mile tailback. There was a brief moment of panic not that we’d miss the flight, but that sitting here idle was eating into our cocktail hour!!

Disaster was averted as we arrived at Prestwick to be advised of a 1 hour delay. A chorus of ‘ya beauty’ rang round the departure lounge as we set about clearing them out of Pina Colada before moving on to Cosmopolitans ;) This delay meant that Pirate Boy was finished work and in the pub when I arrived.
Oh well…. When in Rome and all that.
Had a nice evening in the company of a mixed bag of Blue Watches’ finest.

I think it’s time I put all this socialising behind me and get on with some proper training.
I take a bit of a slagging about being a running club president but doing very little actual running.
Well, I have just agreed to something that means I really WILL have to do some proper training. PPPPPP and all that.

Anyone got a marathon training plan they can lend me? And no Pirate Boy, I will not be following your training schedule of apply, rest for 6 months, get up and run following 10 pints.

I really must work harder on saying NO.

This wee song kind of fits, enjoy. Mrs Mac x

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Strathaven Striders via Findon and the Clyde Stride

Good God how long has it been since I blogged? About as long as it has been since I did any proper running I guess.

Well I’ve been a little busy you understand.
Since our trip to Skye I managed to clock up 1500 miles of driving.

In the week leading up to the race I was back and forth on the Clyde Walk Way every night armed with spray paint and a shed load of pointy arrows. Not all of which were evident on the day I may add gggggrrrrrrrr.

Race day brought more spray painting by my number 2.
It was a great day, if a little stressful. Not enough to put me off doing it again next year.

I had a week at work to wind down before having a week off.

Packed the kids and enough camping gear in the car to head south for a week.

We, the Brady Bunch had a date at a 120 Rally. I was a little confused but it turns out you can’t have a ‘party’ at a CCC site……but a RALLY is fine!! Lol it was great. Chilling out, loads of kids running free and a lovely family atmosphere. Findon is a strange little village, the essence of English quaintness. The exact opposite of Brighton, where we took a day trip. Probably the most expensive place to park……in the world!!

My number 2 was working the rest of the week so I set about entertaining the children.
*Night out at the flicks for Toy Story 3D, awwwwwww.
*A wander round the Devils Punch Bowl. (Has the makings of a nice wee race. I’ve been told not to even think about it!)
*Day out at the Hard Rock Café, do they not do the wee show thing in London?
*‘Working’ at the boxing. Wtf, I’m on my hols…. That’ll teach me to open my mouth and volunteer for stuff. Quite surreal, a random Scottish burd talking to a bunch of teenagers from Wandsworth about the dangers of smoking and alcohol. I bet they know more than me.
*A trip to Camden had the kid’s eyes out on stalks; they didn’t know where to look next. Defo worth a visit. Good food, loads to see and not expensive.

Finished off with a 400 mile drive north, caught in the M25, loads of tears, a quick kip and then taking the wee yin to Port Patrick for a week with the oldies.

And so, after a week of red wine, kettle chips and cuddles it’s time to get back in the saddle.
I planned a nice little trot round the town with the club on Monday, but as it was the first Monday of the month John the Coach had other ideas. Hill reps Holy Christ, not the best way to kick start your training.
Legs were proper stiff, so last night I ditched them, the club not my legs, put Caitlin on the ipod and had a go at putting one foot in front of the other at speed.
A start is a start and it looks as though I'm gonna have to take the plunge and do some REAL training; Colin Smith has plans for me ;)

Probably better if I do a photo diary of what’s gone on.