Sunday, 28 December 2008

Ho Ho Ho

Belated Merry Christmas everyone.

As my last post says I've been a wee bit ill over the last few weeks and as a result no running got done therefore nothing of much interest to post. Having a kidney infection, shingles and tonsillitis all at the onetime isn't too clever.

In the past few weeks a few cool things have happened.
I think there may have been a wee drop of bevvy involved at a committee meeting one night coz somehow I got elected as the newest President of Strathaven Striders. I have since had a couple of official duties and thoroughly enjoyed it. My First Lady has been in attendance for all of them so far, I'm not sure how sustainable that will be.

The first event was the children's Santa Run on the 20th of Dec. This involves a bunch of local kids chasing Rudolph around the park. Rudolph was a little concerned as a few years ago he was nearly caught by an 11 year old boy!!

The following day brought the Strathaven Striders Christmas Handicap 5km. A couple of invited guests and an international star gatecrashed the proceedings which saw the Jackson 5, Marylin Monroe and the most realistic pirate EVER trot round the town. It was great to see the First Lady and WHW Runner rise to the challenge. The local K9 population are obviously very territorial and decided that the interloper needed sorting out....

The after party at Mr & Mrs Wilsons house was a bit of a messy affair the resulting video can be seen here.
So Christmas has come and gone. 2009 is fast approaching. I took the chance to christen my new Brasher shoes yesterday and stretched my legs on the Specs run. It was such a beautiful day it was a shame to waste it. My body needed a kick start I hope it noticed that I tried.
I'm hoping for a gentle start to the year and that Tony T hasn't planned too tough a training programme. Oh! I don't think I've mentioned on here that in June I have a bit of work to do..... Exactly one week before WHWR myself, my Maw, Anne T and her mate are having a bash at the Caley Challenge........ Don't shout at me, Race Princess has already chastised me, but I have spoken to the gaffer and he has given me permission.
And finally, My Da.
He is doing pretty well at the mo, his spirits are high. Mainly due to the high level of spirits he's consumed. I seem to be getting all the blame for it at the moment, an evening with the Subversive Runner had nothing to do with it, not!
Back to hospital tomorrow for his 3rd post op chemo. He is hoping to be home for the Bells, but hey ho, no matter what I'll be there with him.
All the best to you all,
Here's tae us,
Mrs Mac xox