Monday, 28 November 2011

Out The Door

When the most motivational comment your other half/coach comes up with amounts to
 ‘get a move on woman!!’ it’s never gonna happen now is it? Really?
Not in my lifetime.
Today I gleaned what might be thought of as some very obvious advice. Well it might be obvious to those who have endless mojo or get up and go, but this girl’s mojo got up and went a long long time ago. The advice? Do something you enjoy. So I did!!

Today I went for a run. A run on a route I know very well. A route full of great memories, the best.

I had been toying with the idea of some sort sharp stair reps at the local war memorial, and highest point of the town. A sort of wake up call for my body. It has gone pretty much unused as I sit at home endlessly filling in online job applications and generally getting more and more miserable. That however would not be enjoyable in the slightest, so it was off to the Specks I trotted.
Within minutes I was up to my ankles in muck and sheep shit, and I was giggling and laughing away to myself. It fair took my mind off how much it might hurt. Down the hill, over the river and back up the other side. It took all my skills as a figure skater to stay up right. The recent storms had turned the yard into a quagmire, up to my knees this time. Negotiated the hill, the one my o/h beasted me up last year, just before proposing!! I enjoyed trying to keep my feet dryish on the top of the loop and eventually gave up all hope on the descent to the waterfall. Ah, the waterfall. It looked magnificent today, full of power and at the same time had me mesmerised with its beauty. I ditched any plans to recover the geocache hidden down there. I have two failed attempts already; today I may have been washed down river. A slip sliding effort to reach the road and it was just a short jog back home.

It wasn’t big, or clever and I will really have to stop comparing my piddly little efforts to those of the crazy arsed friends I choose to hangout with.
I had fun today. Took bit of bullying from you know who to get me out the door, but I’m glad it worked….this time.