Thursday, 1 April 2010

More Torvill and Dean

That’s it. The wheels have fallen off.

I’ve had such a great couple of months running, really enjoying myself and feeling stronger and stronger. A bit gutted that none of this shows on the scale and I must still have a considerably wobbly bum right enough. But loving it none the less.

I even had a belter of a run on Saturday. The Pirate was faffing with his car, and the wee one (the little monster) was happily ensconced in the house watching Twilight. I decided that the murderous Epsom Downs route was within my capability and even on my own I should be able to navigate my way round.

Earlier on in the day we abandoned a trip to Brighton to go ice-skating as was the little monsters wish. She had been on the ice once before and had loved it, but she is a couple of years older now and is very self conscious, as all little girls become. We, the little monster and me (her Dad is a wuss) spent the next hour circling the rink a grand total of three times. God love the wee soul, she was convinced ‘I’m gonna die, I’m gonna die’ of course I would never let that happen and she breathed a sigh of relief when we left the ice. Asked later if she had fun, she gushed ‘yeah…. It was brilliant’.

While running I was lost in my own thoughts and thinking about how our confidence and belief in ourselef has a great deal influence on how we perform. Take the little monster, she was so sure she was going to fall and hurt her self that she couldn’t enjoy herself. She didn’t ‘believe’ she could do it.

I decided I needed to get over myself a wee bit and stop holding back running down hills. This is a problem for me. I convince myself that I’m gonna do myself an injury or fall flat on my face.

I was moving well, only got lost a couple of times. Mainly because the landscape is changing and there are flowers and trees in bud making it look very different. I even over took a horse and a mountain biker while going UP HILL. Then it happened. Slow motion, the lot!

I kicked a tree root and went flying through the air arse over t*t. I went my full length landing with a thud on the churned up clag that purports to be a trail. No harm done, but if I had performed such a trick a mere two hours previous it would surely have scored me a 5.5.

Cut to last night and a shitey run with the Striders. Nothing much to say. Felt rubbish before going out and it didn’t get any better.

If you’ve read my other half's blog you’ll have heard that he is planning a trip to the docs to get his bits chopped off. He reckons this is a revelation to me.
Well dear reader it is not. Check out the evidence.
We have the same size of feet (yeah yeah no jokes please) He thinks that I leave my stuff down there for convenience. But it’s for him. I’ve known for sometime. When my silky underwear started going missing I sussed it out. The last pair of shoes I left went down a storm. Whatcha think?

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Brian Mc said...

You'll have to save up and buy him some Jimmy Choos ... if it wasn't 1st April! :-)