Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Geez a joab

I’m glad this isn’t a running blog, coz I’m not a runner. I’m not even the president of a running club anymore. But I am still a marshall, support crew dude and race organiser.
I’m also fatter than the Christmas goose coz……..I’ve been doing no bloody running.

It’s a vicious circle. I’m down and have no enthusiasm, so don’t run. Feeling crap coz I’m getting no exercise…..blah blah I know it’s old and boring, but life’s pretty hectic right now.

In 16 days time I’m out of a job. I am one of the 1000’s of people affected by the massive cuts in public sector funding. I work for an organisation that support people living in poverty to tackle issues in their life which make them unhealthy. It’s an organisation which won the Scottish Health Award at the end of 2010, and still our vital service has been lost. Sounds like a great plan eh?

Not to worry. I’ve got a degree, shed loads of experience and a guid Scots tongue in my heid. I’ll walk straight into something new and exciting, right? Wrong. After untold applications and speculative cv’s sent I’ve had one interview for a job eight grand less than I’m on now with zero responsibility and after making me travel 400 miles on an expensive journey for a second interview they still didn’t give me the job.

Stressed? You betcha.
My car died, they want a grand to patch it back up.
My auntie is ill in hospital after having had a brain tumour removed.
My other half thought it would be a great idea to rescue a mutt from the pound.

But do you know what? I’ve got all that off my chest now.
We’re having a party in a few weeks, I’ll have my dream job when the time is right and I have a great fella, family and friends encouraging me at every turn. I’ve got a pal who offered me a job being chief cake tester at her firm.
Sounds like my kinda job :)

Change isn’t scary. Is it?

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