Monday, 28 April 2014

That Fling Thing

There are not many people I would get out of my bed at 4am for but seeing as Johnny Fling asked so nicely how could I possibly say no?
There was a bit of a team change of plan so it was a party for one in Mrs Mac’s quad room at the Premier Inn.
Registration at the Burnbrae on the Friday evening was its usual hive of activity and nervous excitement. I really enjoy being part of the evening and catching up with old friends and new. It was marred slightly this year due to one individual intent on being a nuisance. Once I accepted his presence I just set Scott Wesley to work and it got better from there
on in ;-)
A couple of the Kirky Crazies were full of bubbling effervescence and lightened the atmosphere somewhat.

Eventually to bed and pleased to get about five hours kip before heading to registration check in for 4:45am. Charles Gordon and Andy Wilson were my trust drop bag collectors and made a damn fine job of squeezing everything in their motors. Chaz made every attempt to scupper the race brief by playing some pretty crap music really loud to drown out Johnny Flings dulcet tones.
More schmoozing for Mrs Mac and photo ops here there and everywhere.
And they’re off!! And it’s a leisurely drive to Rowarennan for the day. I stopped off at Balmaha so meet Big Davie the Polis’s new dug, Rebus. But the boy’s not had his jags so it was not to be. Enjoyed a big squeezy cuddle and watched BDTP do a spot of gardening and it was off to set up the camping kitchen for rolls n sausage.
The weather threatened to turn nasty, with dark brooding clouds topping Conic Hill. I felt for the runners who would shortly run through them.
I arrived and my two trusty sidekicks were already there setting out their stall. They were joined shortly thereafter by none other than the WHWR Royal couple, Mark & Geraldine. Two of my oldest race family friends. I made the brekki and set up the timing mat and we were joined by the rest of the crew. Three newbies from Ayr Seaforth, and Vicki O. A quick team meeting and the ubiquitous photie from Chaz and we were set for runners.

The day passed in a flash. The weather gods were on our side. A couple of notable points- red was the colour of choice this year, most people had read their instructions, mini buses are FAR too big to bring to CP2, it’s rude to talk back to marshalls who are only looking after runners safety, chasing after a man with a roll n sausage makes you look like a crazy woman, Chaz likes a selfie.
Everyone through safely and I was off to the finish for shift three of the day.
It took much longer than normal to get there; I missed having company of the drive. Who drives a trailer the whole way up the loch on a Saturday? Eejits. The finish area was buzzing and the bulk of full Flingers were just about to arrive. It was all hands on deck to ensure medals were awarded, chips removed and hugs delivered. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday. It was an honour to spend the afternoon with Ellen, the Mummy of the Fling, Murdo who helped RD in the early days, along with the Royal couple and others.
I always feel inspired by the achievements of others, and feel proud to be the first person to congratulate them. I love the emotion of it all. I love to see the determination on faces as they sprint, limp, hobble or are practically carried on one occasion across the line.
As darkness fell we realised the 9pm finish would come and go. It was a long cold shift and I feel sad that there are so few people about to welcome the last runner’s home. They may not break any records but it doesn’t mean they have not achieved something incredible.

Chuffed to make the ceilidh this year. Packed is an understatement!! Full of Norwegians I believe. They seem to have had a nice time. Lots of happy smiley faces and alcohol fuelled country dancing. A nightcap at Paddy’s bar with some interesting karaoke tunes and a compare with questionable gender. Good banter from the usual suspects and bed.
It was all over for another year….until morning pack up time. It has been noted that Mr & Mrs Downie are marquee geniuses, and I need to get me one of those wee belt thingies. Scott Wesley rushed around looking busy and not doing much, I just did whatever Ada told me (well you would, wouldn’t you?) AND THE SUN SHONE BRIGHT.

Tired and worn out I set off home. I didn’t really want to as it was such a lovely day. I really enjoy being part of SUMS. It ticks so many of my boxes.
The Fling is the last of the races I can be so involved in this year til after Games time as its getting a bit nuts in Mrs Macs life right now.

A huge well done to Johnny Fling who while he has a band of volunteers, pretty much does all the back room stuff singlehandedly.
To Team Rowadrennan, you were fantastic. I couldn’t have asked for more. Calm under pressure. Cool in a crisis and a fine looking bunch ;-) Did any other checkpoint have bunting and square slice? I don’t think so ;-)

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Helen said...

Sounds like a great day out sorry we missed it xxx