Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Points of view

I'm sure most folk that read the drivel I scrawl on here are aware that me n him are how would you put it....dating, courting, the gither call it what you will he's my fella.
You will also know if you read his blog that he errs strongly on the side of artistic licence on many occasions and the truth is often stretched to the point of ssssssss in snap!!

His most recent post has caused me some concern and like 'angry from Manchester' I feel compelled to reply.
Oh I'm not getting on my high horse about the eyelash comment. I was there, he was there and so was John Kynason, (although he doesn't know that) we both know the score :)

No, I'm a bit concerned that as a self proclaimed state trained killer he could make such a school boy error.
When babies are lying in a crib current research shows that moving stimulation is good for their development. You know, those mobile thingumyjigs. Black and white are the colours of choice, they can even distinguish between them.

Tell my why then, that a 43 year old adult who is often to be found in charge of a fire engine cannot tell the difference between black and white?!?

Grant Jeans was most definitely dressed head to toe in undertakers BLACK on RAW race day, no sign of any Ku Klux Klan garb on show.
It was back in July Speedy himself decided that Casper the friendly Ghost was a good look for racing;) Who cares? the boy can go like shit off a shovel he can wear what ever he damn well wants.
And hanging round at the arse end of a race shows good character in the boy.

So, the next point. The lack of artistic licence in this post. See the bit where he mentions ' I should have done some training' at every checkpoint.......check it out......hee haw artistic licence

Coming into Sorn checkpoint. The one with the blistered foot!!

Eyelash Bridge.

The finish, and a PB. You can just about make out Casper blethering in the background.

And I do it all for free :)

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