Thursday, 25 November 2010

I must I must.......

I’m nothing if not consistent.
Most of my posts start with ‘not done much running’ and this one is no different.
Last proper run I had, and I don’t even know if it warrant’s the label run; was on the WHW a couple weeks ago with the Pirate. You’ll have heard about it already….it’s the one where I lost my key. I know don’t laugh.

Well, last night was my last duty as the Striders President. I handed over the reins to Tom Wilson, a stalwart of the club for more years than nearly everyone but his wife.
It was a nice night and great to hear some inspiring stories, in particular our Strider of the Year who at almost twice my age decided to take up running and has cracked out a couple of 10ks a half and cross country. She puts me to shame.

I‘ve also been inspired by a fellow blogger who has transformed herself by hard work and determination and I have to say a hefty dose of dedication to be confident enough to enter shows such as UKBFF. I don’t aspire to do anything similar but talk of shifting weight and smashing yourself in the gym has some sort of masochistic draw for me.

I decided that over the winter I need to do something more than just plod round the streets of Strathaven and after a comical session in a plush David Lloyd with the Pirate I bit the bullet and joined my local gym. When David the lovely instructor was putting me through my paces he assured me that light weight and high reps would not bulk me up. The poor lad nearly fell over when I said I had no problem with it. Apparently women are scared of a bit of muscle, well not this burd. My good buddy Karen has some crackin guns :)

The comical session was such as the Pirate used to be into all that lark in a big way in a past life and almost pissed himself at the weedy effort I put in.

Undeterred I try my hardest. I really enjoy it. I stay away from all those big clunky machines, as I’d just hurt my self, break a nail or get my hair stuck.
I find it really helps with clearing my head, which needs a good clear at the moment.

It’s been a rough few weeks. Strikes affect all those connected with them. Trying to support from so far away is heartbreaking and very stressful. I’ve been watching BBC London and listening to LBC podcasts to keep up to date. Not bad for a burd from a wee farming town in a Scottish back water. I’ve become a WAGOFF, a kind of underground facebook AA meeting. Magic bunch of girls talking rubbish, great medicine. I've learned that the Toad and his Biatch are vermin and that James O'Brien should be King.

So, tonight I have a date with some piddly free weights. Saturday I have a date with a bit of a trail race and Sunday if it’s not too snowy I’m going to visit a friend in the Playground of Angels, just to say thanks.

Hasta luego xx

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