Saturday, 20 September 2008

He can organise a P***up in a Brewery

What about this then...

Get the troops together for a few beers, free beers at that, a BBQ and a good bleather.
Sounds good so far, until you factor in that Mrs Mac had her bloody car and was unable to partake of said free beer. Doh!
Not to worry a never ending supply of Diet Coke was on hand to make me feel sociable.
And sociable it was.

I've said before how I/we don't get the chance to meet people properly on WHW weekend, well this was the perfect opportunity to engage in the banter with eejits, sorry runners, that are friends I've just not met yet.

And so to my new friends, a gent called Jim. A former member of Strathaven Climbing club, who was either impressed or surprised that I know professor Rice. Not a man unfamiliar to most WHW'ers. Jolly nice chat about the benefits of living in Newtonmore.

A lovely lady by the name of Eilish with whom I had a discussion on whether her 11 year old son should kiss his 12 and a half year old girlfriend before she gets braces !!! who'd have thought it.

Then a 1/3 of my RAW compatriots, it was rather quiet as some of the others were otherwise engaged, mee maw mee maw. I have photographic evidence QB...... but banter was had none the less.

And the infamous Jim Drummond who protested his innocence about swearing at me at Auchtertyre this year.

I met lots of really nice people, and driving was not a problem. I think however I have manged to get roped into another little outing that will see some of the extended RAW family get together sometime in October yee haa. Dino and I in the back of Darios motor, drinking Gin and pretending to do backup (again) LOL.

Friday saw the end of my Da's first cycle of chemo. Well he actually got home on Thursday evening, major happy bunny. It took me all my time to convince him that no, he was not fit enough to head up to Bridge of Allan for a swift one as there were two problems with that scenario. 1. he has to avoid confined spaces with lots of people (and it was confined, I'm sure someone moved me by my bottom!!) and 2. He has lost his sense of taste to the ale would be wasted on him.

A good end to a strange week, did it all actually happen.


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